Emrys Corbin: Person Who Does Stuff
Curriculum Vitae
Legal Name: Emrys M.V. Corbin
Sex: Male
Birthdate: 1990.10.18
Nationality: U.S. American
Languages: English Swedish

Professional web developer and person who does things for monetary compensation. Emrys is very fond of money, as it is apparently necessary for figuratively everything. He would quite like to have more money given to him on a regular basis; preferably (but not necessarily) for work that is not completely horrible, and ideally in amounts sufficient that he can both live in a building and eat in the same month.

A consummate professional, Emrys can even work with individuals who he deeply despises, although It should be noted this is probably not advisable for his long-term mental health. He is well known for actually showing up when he is scheduled, which is a major plus, and tends to stay as long as is required by the situation and to insure the work has been completed to his exacting standards.

It has been noted that he is exceptionally easy to work with, as he is generally affable and has been frequently described as “calming”, although he would like to take this time to mention that this particular phraseology makes him sound like he’s a walking NSAID, which is not really what he’s going for.