Emrys Corbin: Person Who Does Stuff

Emrys Corbin is a North American human male of non-descript European descent who violently dislikes having to write autobiographical content, as he finds the process utterly ridiculous. It also makes him wonder who in the festering, bubonic rat’s ass has ever thought that people’s painfully masturbatory biography pages were written by some unnamed, unbiased scholar, just because it was written in the third person.

Born in - - - - - - - - - - - , - - on 18.10.1990 to (presumably) human parents, he currently lives in - - - - - - - , - - where he surrounds himself with mountains of mineral cosmetics and nail polish like the world’s most fabulous dragon.

Always adept with technology, he started building computers when he was 12, and built his first (admittedly terrible) website at 14. Over the years since he has made, edited or maintained dozens of websites, primarily for gaming communities but more recently for local businesses, and for actual legal tender no less!

He is NOT a Hipster, Goth, Punk, or any other subgroup. He wears makeup, nail polish, dyes his hair and loves three-piece suits. He would also very much like people to stop assuming this confluence of stylistic choices says anything about him other then the fact he firmly believes that if women are culturally expected to "make an effort" in regard to their appearance that men should hold themselves to the same standards. He also enjoys being told he is pretty.

While web development is his current career focus, he began with the intention of becoming a System Designer in the games industry, which has given him useful secondary skillsets in rules design and management, scripting, programming, 3D Art, and design documentation. He is unusual in that, unlike the plurality of individuals who express interest in the games industry, he actually likes the business, legal and management aspects, and would never in a million years consider holding a press conferance in jeans and a t-shirt.